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I have 2 columns, the first is labeled County and the second is labeled Protected Forest. There are 500+ rows... I want to sort for all the forests in x, x, and x county. Example: What forests are in the following counties? I can figure out how to capture 2 through doing the filter and saying "Contains" "Union" OR "contains" "green" however I can't do more than 2 like that.... this HAS to be way easier than I'm making it. I did it all the time in Google Sheets.




County | Forest


Union | Black Forest

Washington, Green | Cherokee Forest

Alexander, Union | Knob Forest

Green | Down Forest

Greenville, Pickens | Walhalla Forest

Greenville, Union, Green | Fort Bragg Forest

Anderson, Buncombe, Henderson | Ash Forest

Buncombe | Brown Forest


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Maybe with this formula which seems to work in my sheet. 

Thank you so much, that worked!!