Filtering a column by color with merged cells

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I have data in a column with some of the cells colored. When I want to sort it by the color, the message pops up: " to do this, all the merged cells need to be the same size". Even after making all the rows the same size (height), it still gives the same message. Appreciate the help! 

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@Nasir_Mahmood Merged cells are "evil". Especially when you use them in data base like tables that you want to sort or filter. Better to avoid them altogether.

But if you insist, do as it is suggested in the error message. Make all merged cells in a column the same size. The message refers to the size of the merged cell ranges, not the row hight or column width.


That means if you have a column where A2:A3 are merged into one, all pairs of two cells below must be merged as well. Thus, A4:A5, A6:A7 etc. Then you can sort/filter that column. Similar for horizontally merged cells.