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HI! so I have a list of items (1) that I want to search in another doc that has several columns. How can I filter a list into another doc so the items come up as well as other data related. first pic is the list I want to search and second pic is where I want to search it 






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how do I do it?? pls help!!


You may return filtered table by Power Query or as dynamic array using FILTER() function like

=FILTER(Table, COUNTIF(Table[Category],List1))

hi thank you for your answer! I am not the best at excel so which cells would go in the 1 Table and 2 table and category and list 1 haha


Could you please provide sample file removing all sensitive and unnecessary information? It will be much easier to demonstrate formula on it.

HI@Sergei Baklan I actually was able to figure it out! thanks for the help 

@alexjaime , glad to know, thank you for the update.