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I have a list of postal codes (image below), from which I wish to filter those that begin with 3 specific letters. For that I have another list of 200 "3 specific letters" beginnings that are valid. So how can I filter using the list of texts. 


When I try to use Sort then Text Filter "begins with" I can't select the whole array of cells, only can type in the text, and have a maximum of 2 'or' at a time. 


To give some context, this is actually a list of postal codes of orders, but a shipping company can only deliver to the postal codes that start with 200 combinations of '3 characters'.



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@mohsinrabbas You didn't mention which you are working with, so I'm giving you a solution that works on all.


Use VLOOKUP to find the first three characters from all the postal codes in the list of "deliverable codes", as demonstrated in the picture below.  #N/A means that the code is not deliverable.

Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 05.22.09.png