Filter using dynamic operrator.

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The goal here is to select the oprator from a list. So the filter function change if the selection is 





 from cell reference




Can the > be a cell refference?


filter operand.PNG

Here the refference should be T3


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You can do this using a range name. Suppose the > is in C1 and the value in D1, define this range name:
Name: MyFilter
Now enter =MyFilter somewhere.
Thank you. That looks like a perfect solution. My problem is that I can not figure out what Microsoft har translated EVALUATE into in Norwegian. Could I ask you to please attach a file with =EVALUATE() only, so I can find the formula?

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@Geir Hogstad 


Could the LET function be used here?


Never used it before..


Attached is a samle file.


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@Geir Hogstad Attached.

Perfect, thank you. Translated to "test" even if we do have the word "evaluere" here, Which is the same as evaluate.

_ geir
Nope, Test is the name of the name, you can see what the formula translated to in Name Manager (Formulas tab).
I noticed, when I looked closer.

Thank you again.

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