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I have a pivot table and a chart linked to it.
If I sort any column in the pivot table, the chart reflects the sort.
But, filtering a column that contains prices so that only prices above 1,000$ are displayed, for example, does not affect the chart at all.
My question is: how do I create an ADVANCED FILTER for pivot-chart
I'm using Win 10 with Office 2019

Thanks for helping

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Filtering the source range will not affect the pivot table, nor the pivot chart.

But filtering data in the pivot chart itself will affect the pivot chart too.

You can use the filter dropdown arrow(s) in the pivot table or pivot chart for this, or add slicers.

I can filter by using slicers, but I don't want to display all data. I have 100 silces, and I want to display only the silces that has a value wich is "grater than.." somthing - this is something very simple in a pivot table, but how do I reflect it in the chart?


Do you want to filter on a value field? If so, click on the filter/sort dropdown in the row labels header of the pivot table and click on Value Filters. You can select options such as 'Greater than...' from the submenu.