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Hi, I'm trying to use the "participant" sheet to manage who will come to this event.  I'm using 0 or 1 in the "participant" sheet to track their need for flight/meal/hotel. If there is a 1, then the Name will appear in the next flight/meal/hotel sheet accordingly.


The question I'm facing: when I delete or insert a name in the "participant" sheet, only the first column in flight/meal/hotel sheet will change, therefore unmatched.


What I want to achieve: When deleting or inserting a name in the "participant" sheet, the entire row in flight/meal/hotel sheet will be deleted or inserted accordingly.


(As I cant find the button to attach file, please visit to get the file 

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In that case you need VBA macro as you are entering other data manually to induvial flight/meal/hotel sheet. If you enter those information to participant sheet then you can appear/disappear entire row information by formula to those sheets.


What you wish to do simply won't work with Excel formulas or, indeed, any other functional programming environment.  The flight data, for example, must either be on the corresponding row to the participant table or linked by matching the name.

Once the input tables are linked you could then filter the results to build a separate report.


The alternative is to use an imperative style programming language such as VBA but even then there is good chance of losing data by toggling the {0,1} on the participant sheet.

Could you please kindly help me with the VBA macro code?
Thanks for the explanation. Now I get why it is not working. Could you please kindly help me with the VBA macro code at your convenience?