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I'm trying to filter information from sheet x into sheet y. 


I tried using 


My primary sheet which i need data to pull to is labelled Time Sheet and the data i need to pull is in Fees History.  But it keeps giving me a spill error or an issue with the formula. 

I basically have one report that is arranged by name and another report by initials and need to pair the data together - any other way or some way to fix my formula. 


Much appreciated!

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@EVIED1999  Explanation copied from @DexterG_III comment on another post.

Unlike the old version of excel which would generally return only one result in one cell, the new dynamic array functions can return many results in multiple cells.  This behavior is called "spilling", where the formula resides in only one cell, but the results spill to as many rows and columns equal to the number of results returned in the array.  


When you see SPILL, it means there is data in the range generally below or to the right of the formula, which interferes with its ability to spill into the required cells. 


Long story short, the spill error actually says the formula is working.   You just need to clear some cells near it.