Filter not working on only one column of an Excel document when opened in Sharepoint

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Despite turning filtering on and off multiple times, Excel does not open the filter options drop down menu when I click on the small arrow displayed on the bottom right corner of my header cell. The filter seems to not work for this column only, all the other columns of the table filter correctly. Furthermore, the filtering works correctly on all collumns when I open the file on the desktop version of Excel instead of the browser one. Is there a way to fix this issue ? 

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All of my online excel sheets are not letting me filter. It must be a excel issue.@AlxShp 

I just contacted Microsoft support and they said that it is a server issue and their engineers are working on it.
Same here, it has been happening for a few days now

Unfreezing panes seemed to fix it for me. But when I froze the columns again I had the same issue.@Todd2315 



I have run into the same issue over the last few days that I was hoping for it to be resolved over time. Has yours fixed itself yet? I have determined that it is a specific row that the filter will not filter on and if I insert the same data in a new row, it works so it's not the data itself just the filter does not like Row 2. But the unfreezing panes does allow it to work.... it's so odd!


Yes, it keeps coming back. It seems that it only breaks the filter on the column prior to the one that is frozen. So, I just added an empty column. Not great but it works for now :)


Following this thread since I'm experiencing this same issue.  It only impacts one column out of approximately 30 in a key file.