Filter Function Skip Every 9 Cell




I need the result array of this filter formula to skip every 9 cell for the sake of argument.








Let's assume the formula is in A1 so the function needs to populate a1,a10,a19,a28 and so on skipping the cells in between.


Also I don't really need to use FILTER. It can be any other dynamic array method.


I've tried googling extensively but my keyword choosing skill is kinda poor and as you know Google likes to show you only the top results instead of the really relevant ones.

I'd really appreciate your assistance.


Thanks in advance.

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  f, FILTER(Bucket[Name],Bucket[DM]=C1),
  n, SEQUENCE( ROWS(f)*9 ),
  IF( MOD(n-1,9)+1 =1, INDEX( f, INT( (n-1)/9) +1 ), "") )