=FILTER() function returns #NAME error on Mac

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Hi, thank you in advance for your help. 


We have a Mac user with Excel 16.73 via Office 365. He's not able to use our company workbook which leverages the FILTER() function. I believe it should work on that version of Excel as we have other Mac users which are able to view the results of the function just fine using Excel 16.72. 


Please advise! 

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There've been a lot of views, no replies. As another Mac User with Excel l16.73 and Office 365, an avid user of FILTER and some of the other newer functions and capabilities, I too am puzzled.


Is your user able to create formulas from scratch using any of the several Dynamic Array functions?


One could also go through the tried and true methods of uninstall and re-install........

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@mathetes Thank you! 


In our case the user was signed in with a different Microsoft account, not the Office 365 account. We found out by clicking "Find your Office Version" in the error message help.