filter function on a graph

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Hello everyone,


Why can't I see the following buttons on my graph? I've tried to reload and reopen. 


I am pretty sure I am using the latest version.




asdfasdfasdfasdf.pngMy fileMy file



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In the second screenshot, a cell has been highlighted, and you're entering something in the formula bar.

What do you see if you click once on the chart?

@Hans Vogelaar


Thanks for the reply but sorry it's still not working.

 sdfgsdfgsdfgsdf .png


Your chart looks different: it has a double border instead of a single one. I'm afraid I don't know why.

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Thanks, I think I've figured it out.

Seems that there will not be a chart filter button next to a chart on mac, I've to go back and use the data filter instead.