Filter Function cell color copy

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I am using the filter function "=FILTER(FILTER('Survey Status'!B1:K330,'Survey Status'!K1:K330=A1),{1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0})" This filter function is working great for my needs. But the cell information that is coming over does not match the text color font as is in the original data on the survey status tab. Can you include the cell/text color in the tab where the filter function is located?


for example the W220091 is red in the cell this is located, but the filter function brought it over as black text and not the red. Can this be included somehow?


W220478 Shelbyville Marketplace - Shelbyville, IN
W220091 Parcels 2-3, 5 & 6 at Florida Road and Geist Forest Lane
W210148 Grand Park Village, Westfield
W210148 Grand Park Village, Westfield
W210148 The Harbor at Grand Park Village - Westfield, IN

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No, formulas just return values, not formatting.

If the colors in the source range are the result of conditional formatting, you can create similar rules for the range with the formulas.

If the colors have been applied directly, there is no easy way to copy them. It would require cumbersome VBA code.