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hi, i have just downloaded EXCEL, I need to start using it , now i have the chart up for which the client wants me to enter the dollar amount per question, but, it won't let me fill it in, is there something I haven't activated, even though it says its activated,  they don't want me to print it out and then send it back by scanning, they want me to download it, which i have , a

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I really didn't understand what you mean. Ca you please give us more details about your issue?


Thank you for replying, when i down load the graph that the client wants filled in, you know with columns, I click on the location  that needs to have filled in with dollar amounts, the icon that looks like a plus sign or cross, I thought I could fill those spaces in on my computer, is there a button I can use to add that to the graph, so I can just fill them in and then email back to the client  without having to print the chart/graphs out and then scan and email back to him? I hope this helps.