Filling in blank cells

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I have a report that shows employees information, some employees do not have company phones so the cell under that is blank and needs to be filled in from the personal cell phone column. Is there a IF that I can use to fill in the work phone column blanks with the corresponding personal phone info from the personal phone column?

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@jbohr This gets difficult, because you can't reference the cell you're trying to fill in when you are doing a formula. So to my knowledge, if your sheet looked like this, you can't use a formula for corporate phone.


Screenshot 2022-06-21 121656.png



You could however have a column at the end that said "contact number" or something along those lines, and then have it choose which phone number to enter there.

Screenshot 2022-06-21 121737.png


Hope this helps - happy to keep chatting through this if you need.