Filling data in two different workbooks at the same time

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When I enter data into one work book, I would like to auto fill in a different work book that has conditional formatting Combined. 

I am unable to figure out when I place the value in the DOR it transfers to the Tracking sheet. Do I need to set a MACRO? Each day a DOR how would the formula look to fill to the next available line? If you can't tell I am learning as I go. Any help would be awesome

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If the 'destination' workbook is simply a duplicate of the 'source' workbook, but with different formatting you can link the data in each by way of formula.....e.g. open both workbook and in the destination sheet, cell A1, hit = then switch to the source workbook and click on cell A1 then enter. The formula will look something like this =[Source.xlsx]Sheet1!$A$1
You would then simply copy the formulas down / right and when opening the file you will be prompted to update links, which you would say yes to get the latest data.