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Greetings community! I am a beginner in Excel, using 2007 version. I'm trying to fill the column with days and it doesn't. Why?? I think I tried everything, and the settings from the file menu are all properly selected. Thank you for your time.

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Are you hoping the days will be filled as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...?


If so, fill the first two cells with Monday, Tuesday....and then drag the fill handle down. You have to give a hint as to what the progression is that you're expecting.

@mathetes  Yes I did it and copied Monday Tuesday.. the options fill day, month etc are disable as you can see in my attachments .



I think somehow we're mis-communicating. Are you copying or dragging the fill handle down? What did the numbers in column B represent, in your first images? Are they in any way related to the names of the days desired?

@mathetesI'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I am a beginner and do some practice with fill handle. The column B is irrelevant to column A. In column B I wanted to fill series on number 8 added 8, and it was ok, I hadn't any problem. In column A I am trying to fill the days and doesn't work, only copy. Maybe is not available in Excel 2007.

@mathetesI'm dragging the fill handle down both ways left/right click and it does nothing but copy



Pretty sure it was available to Excel 2007. Still worthwhile to update your Excel if you are able to. There are many new and useful functions.


I'm afraid I'm out of diagnostic questions. It sounds as if something is set incorrectly in the FILL options, but I can't look over your shoulder. I will say that the default settings should be sufficient. I'd never even looked at that menu item until you mentioned it; the default settings have always functioned as desired. So you may have inadvertently set things to copy rather than fill.  I emphasize, though, that that is nothing but a guess.

@mathetesI understand.. I will search the settings better then.. Otherwise I will update it. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

@giota12345 just as a diagnostic check did you fill the cells in col. B using the fill handle? if not, maybe confirm the fill handle works on basic numbers.

It sounds like you are just trying things out but you could create/use a formula to do the "same" thing. This formula is based on the ROW() it is in and just fill down:



@mathetesI found it!!!! In my program, days and months are in Greek... So I went in Excel options, popular, edit custom lists, and import my new English list.

@mtarlerYou are not going to believe what was the problem... my days and months list is in Greek.. and fill handle options were for Greek words, so I imported new lists in English. Thank you any way ; )