Fill color won't work with text in cells of one column only

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Hi guys, its seem I might have changed something by accident while working on an Excel spreadsheet (saved as an 'Excel Workbook'). Hoping someone here can help.

For some reason, I'm now unable to change the background colour using 'Fill Color' in cells that have text in them, but only in one column (column A). If I remove the text from these cells, the fill color works, but if I paste/type the text back in, the color disappears and the text remains.

Fill Color works on cells in column A that don't contain text, and also works in cells of other columns whether they have text in them or not. The same thing occurs in column A of additional sheets of the same workbook.

Fill Color works fine in other workbooks I've checked since this issue occurred.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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