fill 50k cells automatically

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Hi ,


I have a work sheet that have 10 k subjects and I should to bring 5 specific info for each subject ( I well bring it from the web ) 


So its impossible to fill it by my self


Is there any idea for automatically way ??

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note : the info is about a specific POS


Sub expand()

Dim var As Variant
Dim i As Long
Dim k As Long
Dim j As Long
Dim start As String


k = 1

Set var = Range("A1:A10000")

ReDim var(1 To 50000, 1 To 2)

For i = 1 To 10000
For j = 1 To 5

var(k, 1) = Cells(i, 1).Value
var(k, 2) = Cells(j, 2).Value
k = k + 1

Next j
Next i

Range("D1:E50000").Value = var

End Sub

Maybe with this code. The subjects are in range A1:A10000 and the specific info is in range B1:B5. In the attached file you can click the button in cell H2 to run the macro.