File Save As takes 20-30 seconds for Dialogue to appear

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We have a customer complaining that their PC is running slow, he is a heavy user of Excel.

Upon investigation it was determined that the problem appears to be that when he tries to save or Save as an existing or new Excel Workbook, it takes 20-30 seconds for the Dialogue to save or Save as to appear.


This is a domain joined PC, with a number of mapped drives, One Drive configured.


The testing conducted are as follows:

  • Trying to Save As an Existing or NEW Workbook even with one single cell with data in it - takes up to 30 seconds for the dialogue to enter the location and file name to appear
  • Removed ALL Recent Files from the Recent List - No Change
  • Ran the Office Repair from Control Panel - No Change
  • Un-Install Office - Using Microsoft Office Removal Tool
  • Re-Install Office from Scratch - No Change
  • Logon as a different user to the current user - Works OK, takes a few seconds for the Dialogue to appear.

Seems to be User Profile related, it seems like one other user is having the same problem, no other users are complaining of this.


The next step is going to be to re-install Windows 10 which seems a bit over the top.


If anyone has any ideas?

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Check his profile for any mapped drives which are no longer working. They may not be visible in Windows Explorer. (I think you can use Net Use in an admin command prompt for that). Delete the ones that are not working.