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I have a Macro (ExcelFileName) in the attached file that creates a new name for the file based on the highlighted cells in the screenshot below. The naming convention that we use is as follows:


Rule Code_Short Description_Dollar Amount_Cent Amount_Initials.xlsm





This is what I would like to be produced for the attached entry: YRA_ReclassRev_400_00_KAW.xlsm

This is what is currently being produced by the macro: YRA_ReclassRev_400_KAW.xlsm


Unfortunately, I am not able to get the Macro to include the “_00” when there is a round number such as $400.00.  The Macro works in cases where we don’t have a round number such as $400.87.  Here is  the part of the Macro that creates the file name based on the various cell values with Cell K13 being the $400.00 in this example. 


strName = Replace(Range("k15") & "_" & Range("k5") & "_" & Range("k13") & "_" & Range("k4"), " ", "")

strName = Replace(strName, ".", "_")


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    strName = Replace(Range("k15") & "_" & Range("k5") & "_" & Format(Range("k13"), "0.00") & "_" & Range("k4"), " ", "")
    strName = Replace(strName, ".", "_")
Thanks so much, Hans!