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I have the following problem


I have Column A and Column C.
- I know that in column C there are some materials that are identical to column A, but the names of the materials are not identical between the two columns
For example, the C3 box contains an article in the name of (the fourth book part 2) and in the field A70 (the series of the fourth book part two)
- Since part of the material name in column C is identical to part of the material name in column A.
- Through the search box, I can type the part of the article I am looking for and click on “Find all” and from there I can see all matches for what I searched for on the Excel page, and from there I can delete the match or reclassify, but this takes a lot of effort and time because it is a manual process .
- I am looking for a method or function that can tell me all the implicit matches between cells in the entire Excel page, such as saying that some of the C13 field are identical to some of the A23 and A72 field, etc.

The goal is to facilitate the classification and filtering process within Excel, despite the presence of errors in the data entry system that we cannot control due to factors beyond our control.


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@l_Bilal_l  In the attached I have some 'near matching' Lambda functions.  Basically I have one called:

NearMatches2( [value], [range], [min_letters], [direction])

so you pass it the value to search for, the range to search over, the minimum number of letters that need to match and direction can be 'Dual'/0, 'Forward'/1, or 'Backward'/-1 to search for partial matches based on the first X characters, the last X characters or check in both directions.

Maybe it will help.

thank you so much iam gonna check it out and let you know if its work