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I have a bit of trouble understanding the way Field Types in a Power Query get transferred to the resulting table in Excel and to Power bi afterwards.


I have some fields that are defined as Int.64 fields in the Power Query.

Once transferred into that Excel Table the filed are defined as a type 'General'

Once I use this table in Power Bi the Field is defined as a text field.


Is there a way to 'properly' define the field formats so they are recognized as an 'Int' in Power Bi directly?



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Data type and Format are different things, that is explained in details here Do Data Types Matter in Power Query? - The Excelguru BlogThe Excelguru Blog

Loading the table into Power BI data model if you didn't change data type explicitly it is considered as text. Same is for PowerPivot.


The only you need is to explicitly define data type loading Excel table into data model.