Fichier Excel impossible à ouvrir ; not possible to open an Excel file

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Les fichiers Excel que je crée s'enregistrent en pdf --> je ne peux pas les ouvrir ensuite...

J'ai bien sélectionné .xls mais windows les convertit en pdf.

C'est à la suite d'une manipulation que j'ai faite il y a plusieurs semaines pour tenter d'ouvrir un fichier .xlsx que j'avais reçu. J'avais tenté de l'ouvrir en pdf. Sans succès.

Mais depuis, Windows semble avoir enregistré ce choix et il convertit tous mes fichiers Excel...

Comment annuler la manip ?


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@Martine78390 That is unusual. For example, you can tell Excel what type of file you want it to use as a default, but pdf is not one of the options of that setting. (File, Options, Save tab, see screen-shot).


Please try this:

Open Excel, Start a blank workbook (control+n), click File, Save As. What type of file does Excel suggest?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Hi Jan,

Thank you for your answer. Excel proposes me to register as an Excel file. This what I've done (screenshot).



But, the file is registered as a pdf file (see screenshot)


I can't understand what happens...

Can you help me?


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@Martine78390 AHA! This means the file association for xls(x) files is wrong IN WINDOWS.
Open Windows Settings, Click on Apps. Click on Default Apps, click on "Choose default apps by file type" (See the screenshot).

Then scroll down to .xls and click each of these in turn and assign them to Excel (see other screen-shot)

Thank you very much Jan Karel! This is exactly what I was looking for!
Thank you for your interest to my concern.
I wish you a nice day.