fetching editable table from database with cell link combo box

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Hi, I'm new here.

Just want to ask if there is a way to fetch a named table from a "database" sheet to a centralized page via combo boxes with cell link for centralized data entry purposes? Please view my sample file for a rough idea.

Been brainstorming for a while now, would greatly appreciate some suggestions or advice, or even alternative methods I can go about doing.

Thank you for your time! Looking forward to some favorable suggestions

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@heng ten 

This is a method (if you even still want/need this information) that is a bit cumbersome but I think accomplishes what you want. You make all the datasets named groups and reference that group in the IF statement which is in the cell you want the information to show up in.  I've attached an updated file which has the IF formulas in the cells.  Simply add IF statements for each table you want to reference.
Is that what you're after?  There are probably more elegant solutions but this is a way that I discovered that worked for me.

Hope this helps.