Feature request: New Currency Symbol for Sierra Leone

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Hello. On July 1, Sierra Leone redenominated their currency and created a new currency symbol. Old Leones are denoted SLL and new Leones are denoted SLE.


SLL 1,000 = SLE 1


On Mac, I am unable to add custom currency characters, so I am requesting that SLE be added to the list of currency symbols. Thanks!

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Select worksheet or cells range orcolumn or rows or cell,

right mouse button,
format cells...
input in type:
#.##0.00 "SLE";[Red]-#.##0.00 "SLE"

Every time you enter a number, the currency symbol "SLE" appears behind it.


Hope I could help you with these workaround.



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)


@NikolinoDE Thanks! I appreciate the help! I ended up using [$SLE] #,##0;[Red][$SLE] #,##0