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okay, so I am waaaay behind the times & attempting to use the training material from Microsoft for my 365 account.  I have already noticed the Tell Me tool that I learned how to use just yesterday disappeared on me, turns out that feature has been replaced with a different search tool, and other features that were in tell me have there own "button" now.....


Here's my new bung:

I am trying to learn to use excel efficiently and the training material wants me to do a data validation, but that has clearly changed.  The procedure they explain no longer exists.



How have you solved this issue? Please don't be afraid to point out any dirt-ta-ders I may have.

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It's where they say "Allow" that I get lost.

@Tech-tarded When you open the Data Validation window, there's a field labeled "Allow:". Below it you can select what values you want to allow to be used. by default, it says "Any value". Click in that field and select "List".