F9 key not populating the data. Please help

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I have a formula that I am using, but it is not calculating correctly.  i was informed to try using the F9 function short-key.

After checking with Microsoft support they informed me that I need to have controller addins to make F9 work. Can someone please check and help me with that addins to make it work? I need it for my work. Please contact me ASAP. 

Here is the formula that we are using. 


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Hi @Philip_Salvo28 


there is no additional add-in necessary to use F9 key.

The F9 key just forces a recalculation in case you have set the calculation mode to manual. Otherwise, the formulas would recalculate automatically anyway. So hitting F9 is just to make sure the worksheet gets recalculated. No add-in's necessary.


If the formula does not give the desired result, then there is probably an issue with the criteria in cell AM10 and M4.



Hi @Martin_Weiss
I copied and pasted a cell that did work and put it in M4. The formula worked. When i changed the word to the one that needs to be in cell M4, the result when to "0". I am not sure what the issue is. My knowledge of formulas in excel is limited. I rely on others to help me troubleshoot the issues.