Extracting Names from a list based on time ranges


Hi all !

     I know this should be simple but once again I find myself pipped at the post. I have 2 tasks. From a list extract names that fall within a set time frame. The 2nd to extract names that do not enter this time frame. I have got the first formula to work but the second eludes me. Both halves of the 2nd formula work individually but combining them has me stumped. Have tried OR, AND, * (which worked for the first one) Any help greatly appreciated

     Please find sample attached. All sample data is fictional.

    As always gratitude in advance


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This works in my sheet.

Thankyou..... I knew it was something simple I was overlooking. Its Perfect.... Exactly what I was looking for... Cheers and Happy Halloween



Thank you Its exactly what I was looking for. 

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