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I am hoping someone might be able to help me, I have data on sheet one that is in a table with headings.  The first column contains a Cost Code, the fifth column contains a DFA number, I am trying to pull the data to a second reconciliation sheet.  I have the reconciliation sheet set up to pull all of the information into the page based on the DFA number, the issue is that one DFA number can have multiple cost codes and I am having an issue getting the additional cost codes to pull in, all of the other information is pulling through correctly.


Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated!

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On the reconciliation sheet, user formulae that point to the first column and the fifth column on Sheet1


=TEXTJOIN(", ",,FILTER(reconciliation!$A$2:$A$22,reconciliation!$E$2:$E$22='second reconciliation sheet'!E2))

If you work with Office365 or 2021 the above formula could do what you are looking for.