Extract value from row that fulfills multiple criteria

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Dear experts


I would like to extract a specific value from a cell based on multiple criteria that need to be true in the same row. Simplified example based on screenshot below:



Extract value of yellow cell (10) based on three criteria that all need to be true:

(1) Country = Spain

(2) Year = 1972

(3) Product type = Shutters


Which formula would allow me to extract this value from a large table?


Best and thanks in advance







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You have a few options depending on if you expect multiple rows to contain Spain/Shutters/1972


If expecting 1 row to have that combination, XLOOKUP:

=XLOOKUP(G2&G3&G4,Table1[Country]&Table1[Product Type]&Table1[Year],Table1[Incremental Sales])

If expecting multiple entries, SUMIFS:

=SUMIFS(Table1[Incremental Sales],Table1[Country],G2,Table1[Product Type],G3,Table1[Year],G4)


@Patrick2788  - awesome thank you that worked exactly how I wanted it!

You are welcome!