Extract Timestamp Information?

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Attached is the scan data I have from an audit, I need to find a way to tell me how long each room took me to scan. I have tried averaging column B, which didn't work. I also used the =right(b2, 11) formula to try and extract the time from the cell however that just gives me a decimal.


This is only one small section of my audit and eventually will have over 1,000 items. Any thoughts on how I can convert this data without having to manually go through each room? 

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Something to keep in mind when using the RIGHT function on date/time.


In this snip, Column B is showing what Excel sees when you run the RIGHT formula.  You might use some TIME functions to pull the HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND.




Use flash fill to extract only Time from Time stamp, not only used for separate time, it can be used for extract specific text or numbers from the range.