Extract non-sensitive data from password protected sheet for non Teams members to view realtime

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Hello there, 


I work for a small charity and we are trying to improve our data management but are facing a conundrum...


  • Advisors (deal directly with service users) + Chairs (do not but need to keep abreast of data). 
  • Sensitive data is stored in a password protected Excel worksheet (Advisor worksheet) which sits in the Advisors Team. 
  • Only advisors have access to this Team, not Chairs. 
  • Non-sensitive data (e.g. case numbers and dates) are extracted from these worksheets into another worksheet (Review Worksheet) in the same Team which updates quarterly and year-to-date figures in real time. No sensitive data in the Review Worksheet. 
  • The Chairs need access to the Review Worksheet (to keep abreast of case numbers etc.) but not the Advisor worksheet.

I have tried: 

  • Copying the Review Worksheet into another Team in our organisation (to which the Chairs have access) but it no longer pulls the data through from the Advisor Worksheet.
  • Changed the Advisors to full access (in Advisors Team) and added a Chair as restricted access (Review worksheet only, not Advisor Worksheet) ... but the Review Worksheet will not update  when accessed by Chair who doesn't have permission to the Advisor Worksheet...

Does anyone have any idea of if it is possible for the Chairs to get access to the Review Worksheet but not the Advisor Worksheet?


Many thanks for any help!




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