Extract data from SSAS to Excel 2007

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Hi there,

Is it possible to extract data from SQL Server Analysis Services to Excel 2007?




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Hi Nitzana,


Here are the steps to import data from SQL Server Analysis Services to Excel 2007.

  • Create a new workbook in MS Excel.
  • Click on the DATA tab
  • Select out of Other sources button
  • Select from “ SQL Server”  
  • Enter the server name/IP address. For example my localhost
  • Choose the login type. Since am on a local machine and I have windows authentication enabled, I will not provide the user id and password. If you are connecting to a remote server, then you will need to provide these details.
  • Click on next button
  • Select “filename” from the drop down list
  • Click on table to select it
  • Click on next button.
  • Click on OK button

I hope this helps. Other than this, if you face any kind of .xls or .xlsx file corruption in Excel you can check out this reference [https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/Lync/en-US/e5692c4a-924d-44a5-985b-7878f3eb26de/corrupte...]