Extract a Power BI Measure to Excel

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Hello Everyone,

I have some measures created in Power BI, which are KPIs ratings (related to a survey) 


I have an Excel File, which contains a column "KPI ratings". I have calculated my KPI average into Power BI, is that possible to automatically extract the average from Power BI (which is a DAX measure) and insert the result into an Excel cell? 


For instance, my DAX measure in Power BI is: "Quality ratings - 2022". I have a column in Excel, can we extract the name "Quality Ratings - 2022" and then fill a cell with the name? Finally extract the result, for instance in Power BI the ratings it's 75% (the result of the DAX function), and fill a cell in Excel with this result. 


Thank you for your help, and have a nice day!

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Depends o  your subscription. You may connect to dataset from Data->Get Data->From Power Platform->From Power BI and use dataset measure with CUBE formulae.