Extra column added during Text/CSV file import, other problems with Text/CSV file importing in Excel

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Dear colleagues:


When I import a text file using the 'Data -> Get Data From Text/CSV' command in Excel (Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019), it always adds and extra column (titled "Column 1") to the right of the imported values. This is very annoying. Also, I find that if I regenerate the text file with different column headers (i.e. column names in the first row), the import fails, with error message saying something like it can't find the prior header name. In previous versions of Excel, no such problems occurred, i.e. only columns in the text file were imported, and the headers could change without triggering an error message. Is there some way to get the new version of Excel to work this same hassle-free manner?


Thanks very much, Eric


Eric Roden

Professor of Geoscience

University of Wisconsin-Madison


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You can still use the old-school text import wizard. Just turn it on in Options, Data Tab, Legacy wizards/