External data will not refresh in web-based workbook


I have several spreadsheets that are all together within a coworker’s OneDrive and all shared with me (with edit permissions). I have designed one of the documents (a sort of “master” sheet) to pull data from all of the others using simple XLOOKUP formulas. Initially when I wrote the formulas, everything pulled properly and the right data was returned. When I opened the documents the next day and attempted to view new data from the day before (which was entered by others while I was away), I can’t seem to get the “master” workbook to refresh any data. Like I said earlier, everything is within the same OneDrive directory location, and I have permissions for all of the documents. I just can’t seem to figure out how to get the data to refresh.


I have tried manually refreshing the data and also setting it to auto-refresh in Connections. One thing I thought was odd though is that none of the other documents are listed in the existing connections in the Master worksheet. Also, I have tried opening all of the worksheets in the Excel app (not the browser) but that still did not update the data. Any help is much appreciated.

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Refresh external data in a workbook in the browser

maybe this information in the above link will help you.

I was actually on that site right before I posted here. I couldn't find anything there that seemed to work. I will do some more digging though. Perhaps I just missed it?