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Hi everyone I'm looking for some help on .xlsm file. 

I don't understand why it's impossible to extend the sorting process on my file. There are macro, pictures, website link and a little bit of code on it. The pop up proposing to extend the sorting process do not appear. For now it's impossible for me to open this document to my coworker if just a sorting A-Z broke my file. 

Does someone can help me ?



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With your permission, if I may recommend you, please explain your plans in more detail.

Insert photos or the file (without sensitive data) and on the basis of these photos or file,

explain your problem step by step, so that a proposal for a solution can be submitted faster and more precisely.

Adding you, the Excel version and the operating system would be an advantage in providing help.


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Thank you for your understanding and patience


Hello, thank you for your answer ! I'll try my best to explain the situation more precisely. First of all, I'm a Microsoft 365 user.
I created a collaborative xlsm file  accessible on Onedrivve. It comparesDiapositive1.PNG different Edtech.
Columns are the different criteria as : name, prices, feedback, screenview, satisfaction ... and the lines are the different softwares (Kahoot, animaker.... around 50)
A macro exist to add 1 by double click if we are satisfy or not by the software or not.

The filter for the two first criteria (goal and name of the software) are fine. But, using the sorting a->z or z->a cause a mix in the data ! 
To fix this problem I think of 2 possibilities : 1) remove the sorting a->z and z->a or 2) extend the sorting process for the all line. I think 1) is impossible and 2) the pop up to extend the sorting do not appear so ... I don't know what to do now  
You will find picture of this file here.