Exporting data sets that will change in quantity

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Beginner here, learning as I go. I don't think I'm using the correct lingo to get my desired answer online.
I have one workbook in Excel that is an ingredient database, cells list fat, carbs, calories etc etc and price. Column B is grams and all my data is calculated to per 1 gram of each ingredient.
2nd workbook I want to build as a recipe nutrition info and food cost template. I know I can import a whole row from the 1st book, but I'd like to do it this way if possible so I won't have to mess with multiplying and doing data entry every time I build a recipe.
I want to set up the template with the same column headings, carbs, calories, price etc, but build in a formula so when I import the ingredient and and I input the grams required for the recipe, it will populate the macros. So pull whole avocado row over, change the grams from one to, say, 50 grams, and it will adjust ask the values. But I'll only be pulling certain ingredients in different recipes, so I can't build it ahead with cell addresses because those cell addresses would be different depending on which rows I need. Is there a formula I can build with variables?
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Here are some links that might help you in that direction.

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Daily food calorie and fat log

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Templates and tips serve as a starting point if you want to create something yourself.

Hope I could help you with these information / links.

I wish you continued success with Excel.



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