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Hello everyone!

I have in a spreadsheet a cell with a list validation of 5 items, a table with formulas that depend on this cell and a chart representing the table.
I want to have a button that launches a macro in VBA that applies the first value of the list of the validation cell, updates the table and the chart and exports it to a PDF page and so on with all the values of the list, generating at the end a single PDF file containing as many pages as values has the list.
What would be the macro code that would perform this process?


Thank you very much


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Attached is a link and a workbook with examples from this link.

You have to adjust them to your liking.

Mail from Excel and make/mail PDF files


I hope that this link will help you with your project.



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Thanks for your answer @NikolinoDE but it doesn't solve what I wanted to do. Anyway, I have used an alternative to be able to generate each graphic on a different page of the same PDF file.