Export Excel file to a SharePoint List in Excel for MAC

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I have a Excel file, I want to export this file to a SharePoint Online List. I found the official documents but all the steps seemed only for Excel for Windows. If I want to do this using Excel for MAC, how I should do?

refer to: Export an Excel table to SharePoint (microsoft.com)


macOS Big Sur 11.6

office 365 Client (Product Number: 16.55)

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@ChickaYa I'm on a Mac and it's pretty much the same as on a PC. Are you sure the data you want to export is in a structured table? Otherwise you will not have the "Table Design" ribbon,

Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 09.15.48.png

Hi Riny Thanks for reply. I just test the function on my MAC and Windows. I can find the Table Design on my windows but not on the MAC. Please refer to below:






@ChickaYa Oooops. Forgot I was in Excel for Windows on a virtual W10 machine on my Mac when I responded. Excel for the Mac doesn't have this feature. At least, not that I know.