export a hyperlink in a csv file

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I am trying to create a csv file to import into a website I am building, I need the csv to include a cell which includes a hyperlinked word in html format.


I have a column which contains urls and I need to create another column which includes the html. So cell A2 contains https://example.com. I want cell A3 to contain <a href="https://example.com">Preview</a>


I am a bit lost, any help is appreciated

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Hi there


I have attached something similar to what you have asked (assuming I understand you right).


CSV files don't do hyperlinks as it's text based, so all cells are whatever you make them.


See if this is helpful?





Thanks for your response, I think you've understand what I'm trying to achieve.


So if I have cells like A3 on your example and save them as a csv they would be saved as text?


The other part that I'm still struggling with and I'm not sure I've explained is how I create your A3 from A2, I've tried <a href="$A2">Preview</a> and various derivatives, but without success

Hi there


I've made this Excel file for you that will take the URL and your description and turn it into <a href>.


You can populate the spreadsheet to produce your desired tags, then save the file as CSV which will convert your entries to text.


Let me know how it goes? 




worked great, thanks

Glad to help!

All the best friend.


@Damien Rosario 


Many thanks. Has helped me as well

@Damien Rosario Hello, I need your help. I created a product CSV file and I would like the csv file directory to be opened with World Wide Web like loading a website URL and leads to the CSV file. 


Links are majorly accepted for products upload.


Could you please help me?



Hi @Taofeek 


Not sure I follow what you are wanting so let me try to understand.


1. You have a product CSV file.

2. You want the folder that has the CSV file to open in the web browser.

3. Presumably there's only the CSV file in the folder so users can click onto it to open the CSV.


If this is true, I'm curious to know:

a. Where is the CSV currently stored?

b. Why not just link directly to the CSV instead of the folder view?





Hi Damien,

Hopefully. you're still around in the forum to answer a quick question! Will your instructions above work for a hidden hyperlink? I have a spreadsheet that's for contact information, I have columns for different social media accounts. One column is say for Facebook with each link just saying Facebook until you click and it takes you that persons account. I'm assuming yes. and I'm also assuming that a hyperlink, is a hyperlink whether or not it's the actual URL or just a word to keep the column neat.


Actually, upon review of your previous reply, I'm thinking what you call the "description" would be equivalent the word Facebook that I used to label the link!

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Hi @Damien Rosario 


I have a CSV file that I am trying to upload to a Woocommerce E-com.

Each SKU have a specific images link  like this one:



When I upload the file WordPress tells me that he cannot find the picture and so I cannot create the SKU.


I try the file you posted above without luck.

Any chance you can help me out with this?


Thank you so much