Expanding a SUMIFS Equation to IF/OR

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I'm currently attempting to expand a SUMIFS on a balance sheet overview to include an additional IF category, however I'm coming up with a REF error.


The goal would be to get the sums of credits if the date falls within a certain month AND if the Written to Cash column is filled in with an X. I have sum within the months down, but adding in that Written to Cash column is proving to be tricky.


The formula that I'm using for the credits as it stands is:

=SUMIFS(Table1[Credit], Table1[Date],">12/31/2018",Table1[Date],"<2/1/2019")


How do I get that Written to Cash requirement added in there?





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=SUMIFS(Table1[Credit], Table1[Date],">12/31/2018",Table1[Date],"<2/1/2019", Table1[Written to Cash],"X")

Thank you! I was trying to insert that at the beginning of the equation which is what was throwing it off. I appreciate the help!