Existing Dynamic Chart adding in new columns of data not updating when new rows are added

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I have an excel problem with dynamic charts we use weekly.

Short of it is we have two charts showing a 12 week lookback and 49 week lookback.

We add new row of data to each week and the charts show a lookback from the new week for the specified terms.

It was requested to add/insert two columns of data (F & K) which was done successfully but…

Now the charts are not updating as it used to when a new row of data is added, it just keeps the same chart periods before the new columns of data were added.

I think I have all the offset periods in correctly for each series but the chart no longer has the series info. I covers the data but does not reflect the series info. I tried reentering that 





New Info added and assigned series (Column F & K)


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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