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HI. I need Your help. Have a great massive of data like this:

    A   B     C      Expected result

1  a   4            -average (B1:B4)

2  a   4.1         -average (B1:B4)

3  a   3.5         -average (B1:B4)

4  a   2           -average (B1:B4)

5  b   1.1        -average (B5:B6)

6  b   1.7        -average (B5:B6)

7  c    1          -average (B7:B9)

8  c    5          -average (B7:B9)

9  c    2          -average (B7:B9)


Which formula do I need to create that will find the same value from "A" and return the average meaning from "B" whith the same "A" to the column "C"

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That could be

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