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We have budget items with short descriptions, a dollar amount per description and then prioritized by the letters A, B and C.  We have 6 different categories with the budget items that are prioritized A,B, and C. How can we sum all items in ALL 6 different categories with the "A" priority, then another formula that sums "B" then "C" categories?  I need three formulas one summing all the A Priorities, then the B Priorities so I can subtract from my total budget each priority

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Let's say the descriptions are in A2:A500, the amounts in B2:B500 and the A/B/C classifications in C2:C500.


In (for example) F1, enter Classification, and in G1, enter Total.

In F2, F3 and F4, enter A, B and C, respectively.

In G2, enter the formula




Fill or copy down from G2 to G3 and G4.