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Hello, does anyone know how to get the average of multiple rows in order from largest to smallest? For example…Our employees have 3 different categories they get ranked In & we want Excel to categorize all the employees from highest numbers to smallest with 3 categories' at a time not just one..


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That's not clear what do you mean. You may sort by 3 columns, one level within another (which ones?). You may generated some weighted rank based on 3 cells in each row (what are weights?). Perhaps something else. What is average for rows isn't clear as well.


Perhaps you may to illustrate by screenshort with desired after sorting of your source data result.

Given that there are 3 categories from which employees will be ranked, please clarify the following:
1. Is the highest value for each category considered as Rank 1 for that category? and
2. Are each category assigned the same weighting factor?
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