Excell workbook. How do I delete unused pages in Excel workbook?

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How do I delete unused pages in Excel workbook?  My document is 19 pages but there are 36 pages in the document.  

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It's straightforward, if I've understood your question correctly. What I think you are referring to as pages are more generally known as worksheets/sheets. In your workbook click on one of the tabs at along the bottom, it might say Sheet1 or something similar, unless it has been renamed. If that page/sheet has no information in it that you want - right click on the tab at the bottom (not on the page) and select 'Delete' from the menu that pops up. Hope this answers your question



Hi,  I've done that to delete sheets within the workbook.  However, when I go back into the workbook/document it still shows 36 pages .  Pages  19 - 36 are blank.  


That is really odd! Not sure why that would be happening. Possibly something going wrong when the file is saved? Hopefully someone else will drop in with the answer!  

Hoopefuly - thanks
I can always ask to print pages 1-18 until it's figured out.
I'm sure it's something I did at some point...