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I am building an excel spreadsheet for staff wages. I use a drop down list that describes the shift done, or as the case maybe, a day off. However the pay rates and associated penalty rates differ depending on the shift done. Is there a formula or function that can recognise a drop down description from my list and apply then apply relevant pay rate. Thank you 


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@Mike_Geraghty You would have to create one or more lookup tables first and then use eg. VLOOKUP or INDEX and MATCH to find the appropriate rate for the chosen shift. Google for "VLOOKUP Excel" and you will find many examples and tutorials on-line. From the screenshot I conclude you're using an older version of Excel, so you will not be able to use XLOOKUP, a new functions that is often recommended nowadays.

Dear @Riny_van_Eekelen,
Thank you for your advice, and your very prompt attention to my inquiry, it is much appreciated.
Actually I am doing this spreadsheet to not only educate myself with Excell but keep the brain as active as possible.
And you are correct re the version of Excel I am using. My computer, and Windows plus Office suite needs upgrading, however budget constraints at the moment do not allow me the benefit of purchasing the hardware and software at this present time.
I will do what I can and hopefully soon have the upgraded tools you recommend.
Kind Regards ... Michael