Excell formula for adding different percentage to different values

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I would like to know how I can make a formula to add two different percentages (65% and 85%) to different values(number) I would like to do the following:

to the number higher than 5 but lower than 19,9 , I want to add 85%

and to a number higher than 20 but lower than 99,9 i want to add 65%


how can I make it a formula so I can just chage a large amount of numbers to my desired value.


thanks to everyone with helpfull advice.

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@Anaskraba Let's ay the number is in A1, then enter the following in B1:


or if your system is set to work with a decimal comma and semi-colon as the list separator:



Not that I used <20 and >=20 to end and begin the two intervals. Otherwise, any number from 19.9 up to and including 20 would not be covered. "Invalid" will be returned if the number in A is 5 or less or 99.9 or more.